What Jeep Models Can Be Flat Towed?

What Jeep Models Can Be Flat Towed

Jeep Models that Can Be Flat Towed

Picture the scene: its family vacation time, you’re plotting the routes, booking the accommodation, and planning all the fun things you’re going to do along the way. There’s just one issue that’s making it tough — transportation. Turning to the driveway, you have a stunning luxury RV. Next to that, you have a Jeep Wrangler, one of the most popular Jeep models out there, and with an excellent Jeep tow capacity of its own. Which one do you take?

The obvious solution is to take the RV, right? It’ll give you all the space you need and then some. Sounds like a plan! This plan isn’t perfect. Let’s say you’re driving up the North Carolina coast, and you spot some lovely coastal towns or smaller paths you want to explore together. Is that RV really suited for exploring those narrow streets or quaint coastal roads? We think not. This is where your Jeep Wrangler would come in handy.

So, RV or Jeep?

The answer is both. In today’s article, you’ll learn some fantastic things about 4 particular models of Jeep. To be precise, the following four Jeep models are all viable for flat towing, dependent on some trim-level provisos. Whether you’re driving the luxury mentioned above RV or something else with similar towing capacity, then you might just be able to have the RV for exceptional vacation living, and the Jeep for more intricate exploring. Here are the Jeep models:

  • Gladiator
  • Cherokee
  • Grand Cherokee
  • Wrangler

What exactly is flat towing?

Before we explain which models can be flat towed, we should be clear on the term. Flat towing refers to pulling a vehicle or other wheeled object behind your front car without the assistance or support of a trailer. In other words, the towed object is attached to the Jeep tow bar and rolls behind on its wheels, pulled along by the force of the one ahead of it.

This is different from a wheel lift (like a tow truck might use), using a conventional Jeep tow hitch, or towing on a separate trailer. The former requires special winching equipment, while the latter means a whole other wheeled container that brings a lot more weight to the towing party.

Bonus: What Jeep Models Can Be Flat Towed

What Jeep Models Can Be Flat Towed?

Unfortunately, not all types can be flat towed. There are good reasons that you might favour flat towing instead of a solution like a trailer (more below) or even using your Jeep tow bar to pull other belongings behind you. Let’s first explore the models that can be flat towed.

Jeep Gladiator

Whatever model of Gladiator you have, it can be flat towed. That’s the easy part. It doesn’t mean, however, that you can just tie some twine around your Jeep and drag it along the highway. If you want to know what kind of equipment is recommended, the best place to look is the owner’s manual. This will typically state in black and white what kind of stuff works best, and the most safely. In addition, these recommendations will be fully compliant with your Jeep Gladiator warranty.

Jeep Cherokee

If you’re driving a Jeep Cherokee, you can flat tow it, provided that it isn’t a model with a single-speed power unit. Higher-trim models are more likely to be compatible. Two of the best indicators of flat-tow compatibility are the ActiveDrive II or 2-speed PTU features. You may have to rely on a particular towing it, like the Mopar kit, but it will work and, once again, you won’t be at risk of voiding the Cherokee’s warranty.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Similar to its Cherokee cousin, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is flat towable, but only those with the 4-LO feature. Unfortunately, if you’ve purchased one of the SRT models, then that, too isn’t eligible. Should your Grand Cherokee have 4-LO, however, then you’re in luck, and that Grand Cherokee will sit nicely behind the motorhome when hooked up properly. Should you be considering dolly-towing, then think again. It will not only be unsafe but will more-than-likely void the car’s warranty.

Jeep Wrangler

The Wrangler is all about adventure, so it seems fitting that they’d be compatible with the flat-tow plan. Unfortunately, once again, there are some “conditions” that have to be met. The main requirement for the Jeep Wrangler is that it must have the 4×4 feature. If it doesn’t have it, then towing is not an option.

The Unlucky Two

While still boasting myriad attractive features that make them fantastic family cars, neither Jeep below can’t be part of your master vacation plan to have the best of both worlds.

  • Jeep Compass
  • Jeep Renegade

You could, however, take advantage of the great Jeep towing capacity and attach another trailer for your additional vacation goods.

But, with a trailer, couldn’t you tow any of these Jeeps?

Yes, with a trailer on which the Jeep could rest its four wheels, you would indeed solve the problem of your current Jeep and/or trim level not being compatible for towing, but consider the implications:

  1. The added expense of hiring/purchasing a trailer just to carry your extra car.
  2. The additional trouble of storing that trailer when you reach your destination and don’t need it each day.
  3. This kind of storage will likely add more expense to whatever rate you are paying for your stay at a campsite or other place you’ve parked up the RV.

Whichever way you travel, do it by the book.

Always remember to consult your car’s manual when preparing to flat tow. It will recommend the right kind of equipment and method to use. Whether you’re towing from the Jeep two hitch or from another vehicle, you need to follow the towing instructions exactly to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip! The manual knows best!