How To Change The Oil in Your 4.0L Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangle Oil Change

Jeep Wrangle Oil Change Introduction:

An oil change is necessary in all cars not depending on the year or model of the car. As cars get older they need oil changes more frequently because parts get more fragile, due to fatigue. In a new Jeep Wrangler, oil change has to be done when 8,000 miles have been covered. The first oil change should be the one with the most mileage because the factory oil contains additives to aid engine break in. The minimum amount of miles that it should cover before an oil change is 3,000 even when it’s old. Changing the oil of a Jeep can be very simple when done with the right procedure and the right tools.

Jeep Wrangle Oil Change Required Equipment:

● 6 quarts of Mobile-1 10W30 oil any brand preferred
○ If expected temperatures before your next oil change will be 32 ℉ an d b elow
use 5W30 oil for better starting and fuel economy.
● Oil filter: Mobile-1 M301 or another brand of your choosing
● ⅝ inch wrench or socket with ratchet
Oil filter wrench
● Oil drain pan or container

Optional Equipment:
● Funnel (to make adding new oil easier)
● Cleaning Rags
● Rubber gloves
● 2 single ramp stands (you will be able to climb under and change the oil without these
but they will give you easier access)
● Kitty litter (to soak up any spilled oil)
● Wheel Chock

Jeep Wrangle Oil Change Procedure

Step 1: Engine Preparation
Start the engine and leave it on for one minute. This will allow the oil to heat, making it less viscous for smoother draining.

Step 2: Positioning you Jeep Place the ramp stands on flat ground in the direction of the Jeep separated at the same distance as the wheels. Drive the Jeep towards the ramp stands until the front wheels are on top of the ramps. Turn the Jeep off and apply the parking brake. Make sure it is completely stable on all four wheels. This has to be secured because you will be getting underneath. At this point you can position the wheel chock behind a rear wheel if you are choosing to use one.

Step 3: Position The Drain Pan
Get underneath the Jeep and locate the oil pan. Locate the drain plug on the oil pan and place the drain pan underneath it but slightly forward (the oil tends to project itself out.)

Step 4: Removing The Drain Plug
Grab the ⅝ inch wrench and loosen the plug. Once it is loose begin unscrewing the plug by hand. When it is all the way removed the oil will flow.

Step 5: Remove Oil Cap
Open the hood of the Jeep and use the hood support to keep it open. Locate the oil filler cap and open it. This will increase the flow of oil which is why we waited until now to remove it.

Step 6: Removing The Oil Filter
Once the oil has stopped draining, locate the oil filter, directly below the engine oil dipstick.
Hopefully, you will be able to remove it by hand. If not use the oil filter wrench to remove it.

Step 7: Replacing The Filter
Before you put the new filter on, open a quart of oil and spread a light coat of oil around the gasket of the new filter. This will help the filter seat properly. Now put the filter back into place and hand tighten it. There is no need to tighten this with a wrench.

Step 8: Replace The Oil Drain Plug
The is sometimes easy to forget but make sure the plug is screwed in by hand and then tightened with the ⅝ inch wrench before adding the new oil.

Step 9:Replace The Oil
Now you are going to put the new oil in. Grab the funnel(if you have it) and place it in the oil filler hole. Pour in 5 full quarts of oil and half of the last quart. Replace the oil filler cap.

Step 10: Cycle The Oil
Start your Jeep in Park or Neutral if you have a manual transmission. Let the motor idle for a minute or so. Turn the engine off.

Step 11: Check The Oil Level
Now pull out the dipstick, wipe it clean, and place it back in. Wait 10 seconds and pull the dipstick back out to check the oil level. If the oil level is low add ¼ of a quart. REPEAT STEP 10 AND 11 until the oil is at the correct level. This prevents you from overfilling the crankcase.

Step 13: Finishing Up
Once the oil amount is correct can lower the hood and drive your Jeep. Spread kitty litter on any spilled oil, let it soak for an hour, then scoop it up and dispose of it.

We suggest picking up an oil change sticker, free at your local auto parts store. Fill out the date, mileage, and oil type Stick it in the corner of your windshield, so you can remember when to change your oil next time.