How to Change Jeep Key Fob Battery?-6 Quick Steps

Jeep Key Fob Battery

Have you tried to open your car with your jeep key fob, but the door cannot be opened? If so, this may be a signal that your jeep key fob is not working. Your key fob battery is dead. Your key needs a new battery. Want to know how to change a Jeep key fob battery? It’s actually very simple. Read below to find out.

Steps for Changing Your Jeep Key Fob Battery

Items need to be prepared in advance

-New CR2032 replacement battery

-Small Flathead Screwdriver

When these two items are prepared well, go ahead and follow the next steps to change the battery

1, Use a flathead screwdriver and press it into key fob seam near the mount

2, Open the key fob at the seam by using the screwdriver

3, Take out the old battery from the key housing

4, Change to the new CR2302 battery and insert it to the housing

5, Put the circuit board into the keyboard and then put the keypad into the key fob

6, Last step is to snap the key fob together

How to Program a Jeep Key Fob

It just needs a few minutes to program a jeep key fob. Check below steps :

1, Close all doors before stepping inside the cabin of your Jeep.

2, Put the key into the ignition and turn the ignition to the off position.

3, Find the OBD/DLC port under the steering column and insert the programmer into that port.

4, Press the key to the on position and then hold it for about 5 seconds.

5,Take the key out of the ignition to complete the process.