What is the 2021 Jeep Wrangler Towing Capacity ?

jeep wrangler towing capacity

The Jeep Wrangler is among the most popular Jeep models ever made, selling almost 2.3 million units since first storming the SUV scene back in 2005. The Wrangler is all about adventure. It’s built to be taken off the beaten path and to get out into the real world. Like its many Jeep siblings, it’s also built with great towing ability.

Jeep Wrangler towing capacity is one of the top selling points for the brand. If you’re an enthusiast and a Jeep owner, you may also have wondered what your exact Jeep Wrangler towing capacity is. In today’s article, we’ll explore this in more detail.

How Much is the Jeep Wrangler Towing Capacity?

Like many things in such an eclectic range as that from Jeep, towing capacity depends on the exact trim level that you opted for. In the huge current Wrangler range, trim levels include:

  • Sport
  • Willys Sport
  • Sport S
  • Black and Tan
  • Sport Altitude (4-door only)
  • Willys
  • Freedom
  • Sahara (4-door only)
  • Rubicon
  • Sahara Altitude (4-door only)
  • North Edition
  • Rubicon Recon
  • High Altitude

Your Jeep Wrangler towing capacity depends on whether you take the standard 2-door option or the 4-door model. The former can take up to 2,000 pounds, while the latter can expand that significantly to 3,500 pounds. In fact, there’s a bit more to it than that.

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Beyond the Number of Doors

How sufficient your Jeep towing capacity is also significantly determined by which 4×4 system your Wrangler is equipped with.  You may have any of the three methods in your Jeep Wrangler, depending on what model year or trim level you own.

1, Selec-Trac® 4×4

This system is smart and intuitive, offering an automatic switch depending on what kind of road surface you’re riding on. If you’re on even, regular road, it will use 2-wheel drive but will make the switch to 4×4 once it detects snow, mud, ice, or rain in the road.

2, Command-Trac® 4×4

This one is, arguably, the towers favorite. The main reason is that it gives you a choice between neutral-range drive options for heavy-duty towing on flat, even surfaces, while also delivering a fantastic 2.72:1 low gear ratio when you’re adventuring off-road. This system gives you the stability and control you need to tow on the road and beyond.

3, Rock-Trac® 4×4

For pure off-roading, Rock-Trac® lives up to its name. Its 4:1 low gear ratio, electric front sway-bar disconnect and electronic lock differentials from Tru-Lok® create a phenomenal system of stability that helps your wrangler traverse any challenging terrain.

While all of the above systems might be able to help your Jeep Wrangler towing capacity, the best remains Command-Trac® 4×4. If you have this one installed on your 4-door Jeep Wrangler, then you’re sure to get the 3,500-pound Jeep towing capacity you want.

It’s also About the Hardware

Your impressive Jeep Wrangler towing capacity doesn’t just come from onboard software and sheer engine power, you know. There’s a great deal of hardware that goes into building up that 2,000- or 3,500-lb capacity.

1, Strong Construction

The Wrangler is built for a real adventure, and that requires genuine strength. This is doubly true when you’re planning to tow a trailer through rough terrain. The Jeep Wrangler is constructed using rugged components like a more potent battery and alternator, which work together to power the other heavy-duty components. Every nook and cranny of the Wrangler is made for the rough ride with stuff in tow.

2, Additional Towing Features

It’s clear that the designers had greater Jeep towing capacity in mind when they made the Wrangler. A package of additional towing features is also built in to help ensure that no matter the type of load you’re towing if it’s within capacity, it’s always stable and secure.

These features are part of the Wrangler’s “Heavy-Duty Electrical Group” package, which includes the aforementioned 240-amp alternator and the 700-amp battery. The massive construction of these items makes them practically maintenance-free. In addition, you have a high-quality winch and control light bars, effective programmable Aux switches, all put together with a 7- and 4-pin wiring harness and Class II tow receiver hitch.

3, The Capacity for More

Besides the things that are built into you Jeep Wrangler, it may be worth thinking about looking to any other MOPAR® accessories that could help make the towing experience better. The general picture is that the higher the trim level and more loaded with the top 4×4 systems we talk about above, then the fewer additional accessories you would need.

Towing up to 3,500 pounds is a serious business. Always remember to consult the manual, and never cut corners. There are added dangers and difficulties when you’re towing a heavy load. It doesn’t matter how strong the Jeep Wrangler towing capacity is, you still have to be on your guard. Stay safe!